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Support Group 
"Life with Better Boundaries"

Do you feel burned out, drained, over-extended or resentful in your personal or professional relationships? Do you find yourself being too easily pressured into saying yes? Do you feel like your opinions and dreams get pushed to the back-burner? Do you feel like you have no control over your life? Are you often irritable or frustrated because you feel overburdened? Or maybe you keep breaking promises to yourself, spending time doing things that aren’t important to you. If so, this group is for you! 

Healthy boundaries create healthy relationships. Unhealthy boundaries create dysfunctional ones. Life with better boundaries will help you become clear and confident, allowing you to make healthy choices leaving you in control.

Female Friends

Signs You Need Stronger Boundaries

  • You offer to help others when you don’t have the capacity

  • You take care of others without thinking about your own needs.

  • You feel resentful and complain even though you agree to other people’s requests or expectations.

  • You struggle to express an opinion or concern about something that matters to you

  • You avoid communicating your needs to others

  • You break promises to yourself

  • You feel a desire to run away from your responsibilities

  • You struggle to ask others for help, or find it difficult to allow others to help you

  • You find yourself repeatedly in unhappy relationships

  • You feel burnt out, exhausted, or overwhelmed

  • You often feel distracted from your personal goals or life purpose.

Next group launching Feb. 2024 :) 

  • Week Series meeting on the following dates: 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20

  • When: Mondays from 7:00pm – 8:30pm CST

  • Where: Virtual

  • Rate of $35 per session, with a total commitment of $175 for the 5-week series (HSA/FSA accepted).

  • *All materials included* 

  • Register below to join! 

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