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Growth Consultation

What is a Growth consultation?

Growth Consultations are focused on supporting LPC-Associates looking to start their own practice along with current and emerging mental health professionals pursuing their career goals. Each consultation is tailored to assist the consultee with their direct needs. Offering greater insight, resources, and viable solutions. If you’re and LPC-Associate considering Private Practice, and/or a person contemplating graduate school, or preparing for the CPCE or NCE, this service is for you!  

What can I expect?
  • LPC - Associates who are looking to start their own business will be provided with an in-depth guide outlining the process to Private Practice. Additionally, this is a time to ask specific questions and receive clarity.

  • Potential students will have an opportunity to ask questions to mitigate concerns prior to applying for graduate school. Each student will also receive a study guide to assist in preparing for the CPCE and NCE.

  •  Students currently enrolled in graduate school who are preparing for the CPCE or NCE will be given a personalized study guide tailored to the eight core content areas of the test. In addition, each individual will receive up to date resources to optimize study time and strengthen knowledge retention.


*If you need a different day or time, please fill out the contact form and someone will reach out to schedule with you directly.*

Ready to take the next step?

60 Minute Online Consultation

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